Get IT right


Cambridge leverages its vast expertise in IT consultancy to provide specific solutions to a wide range of industries, business sectors and international organizations. To serve its Clients, Cambridge has developed a comprehensive offering of pre-packaged solution sets, based on a mix of software and consulting services.

Cambridge Solutions are ready-to-use, cost-effective answers to enable organizations to seize new opportunities and fully harness the underlying potential of their investments and core business objectives. Cambridge Solutions are focused on reducing Clients' Time-to-Market through significant process and organizational innovations.

When no standard solutions are available or existing solutions do not completely fulfill specifications, Cambridge offers a range of specific Business Solutions to meet Client expectations. The objective in all endeavors is to offer innovative and efficient ideas to Clients and to maintain the highest levels of quality.

Cambridge Solutions are focused on:

  • Social and Collaborative Business Accelerators
  • Industry-specific Idea and Innovation Management Processes
  • Vertically-focused Business Solutions for Quality Assurance (in particular for the Pharma industry)
  • Mobile┬ábusiness solutions