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Press Releases

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CRISP: A methodology for data analysis by Dr. Darko Mocelj, Solution Lead Business Intelligence at Cambridge Technology Partners

09.07.2015 - Mobile geomarketing

Read more about mobile geomarketing and the way it transforms the purchasing with Corrado Iorizzo expertise.

Read this article in French published in ICT Journal, July 2015

The IT department, a services provider for marketing by Bernhard Nitz, Senior Consultant, Cambridge Technology Partners

By Norman Leuenberger, this article in German addresses new regulations given by FINMA on clients data that will be applied from January 1st 2015.

from Ileana Popp and published in Computerworld

Publishe din Computerworld, Walter Kägi speaks about the acquisition of Cambridge.

How can your entreprise benefit from them? Read here Alan Qureshi's analyze in French published in HR Today.

Article published by Agefi related to the acquisiton of Cambridge by Atos.

Atos, an IT services company, today announced it has acquired Cambridge Technology Partners (Cambridge), a leading IT consulting firm in the Swiss market. With 300 employees, the ac-quisition will accelerate the growth of Atos and strengthen its position as a leading provider of IT consulting and services bringing digital marketing expertise in the Consumer Goods, Luxury, Pharma and Fi-nancial Market sectors.

published in Netzwoche, the presentation of Coopilot, a mobile tool developed by Cambridge with Dorigny research.

Success factors for agile project methods

Cambridge Technology Partners (Cambridge), an independent Swiss IT consulting company, reports the launch of the new «Crédit Agricole Suisse Open Gstaad » website.

Published today May 12th in "La Tribune de Genève" and "24Heures"

Awards in two categories: «Mobile Web» and «Usability»

Read in German "Social Login: Mit bestehenden Nutzerkonten die Authentifizierung vereinfachen"

On Februray 9th Swiss people will have to vote again regarding immigration. This topic is particularly important in the IT area.

RECORD RESULTS OF CAMBRIDGE The convincing evolution of IT sector.

30.01.2014 - FY2013 results

Cambridge Technology Partners announces record breaking revenues for 2013

22.01.2014 - Marketing Technology

IT und Marketing: Das neue Joint Venture? Read the interesting analysis of Bernhard Nitz on how marketing and IT could work together?

The article written by Norman Leuenberger Senior Manager Identity and Security Management Cambridge Technology Partners and Stefan Ackermann Projektleiter im Amt für Informatik Kanton Thurgau got published in the online version of the magazine «eGov Präsenz»

Read about "Enterprise social networks version 2.0"

Read about "Access control is a business matter"

Determine development frameworks

Find here the interview with Anees Qureshi published in ICT Journal

30.09.2013 - Zurich has a new look

Cambridge Technology Partners was involved in Zurich new website launched today!

Social Collaboration breaks inefficient communication structures and knowledge silos in companies, thus ensuring better cooperation. Read in German the article from Marco Tippmer

Read about the interview with Olivier Bandle published in IT-solutions.

Read more about Bruno Falcao arrival at Cambridge technology Partners

Read about Anees Qureshi's expertise on entreprise social networks in this article published in Le Temps.

IT consumerization: read more about this interesting topic! ICTjournal, March 2013 (